ALEC – a right wing think tank is feeling the heat!

ALEC is a corporate funded right wing think tank that writes model-legislation for its pet state legislators to push through. These laws result in: Voter suppression, weakened product safety laws, weakened environmental laws, and weakened labor laws. Basically, ALEC puts the CEO’s, Wall Street, and profit above everything else, every time.

Here is an important article about how the public backlash against this naked corporate power grab is beginning to have an effect! Major corporations are abandoning ALEC. Lets keep up the pressure.

If officials at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) are superstitious, Monday was probably a pretty frightening day. The right-wing group that has helped advance voter suppression efforts lost its thirteenth major corporate back in just a few weeks and found itself facing a complaint filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Procter & Gamble officials confirmed that they were not renewing their membership with ALEC in a statement to Color of Change, which has led a boycott against the group

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