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I declare my intention to affiliate with the Green Party of Virginia,, and agree to uphold the 10 key values: 10 key values

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  1. robert ference

    I would like to become involved with all aspects of the party, my eventual goal is to one day run for office. I would like the opportunity to work on a campaign and work my way up through the ranks of the party. Please let me know how I can become involved with these things.
    Thank You,

  2. Ronald Holder

    Will Lupinacci,
    Jim Lowenstern

    Thursday morning 19 May 2016 I head a surprising interview on Radio Station WTOP. Rallph Nader and others are promoting a four-day convention next week in DAR Constitution Hall n the District of Columbia.
    Here is the URL for the convention web site:
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    = = = = =
    Here are two short text extract from the designated web page:
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    Change the conversation
    On May 24, Breaking through Power – The Media, We will discuss forming a new advocacy group “Voices” that will work to open up the commercial media, that use the public airwaves free of charge, to much more serious content.
    = = = = = =
    86 Speakers
    Over four days, speakers will present innovative ideas and strategies designed to take existing civic groups to higher levels of effectiveness. The participants will be asked to support the creation of several new organizations.
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    This is enough information for an introduction to the web sit.
    Ronald Holder
    Flood Zone “A”
    = = = = =

  3. ben

    What I have learned is that the duopoly does not serve the American people. We must endeavor to create viable third parties or this country will be not worth immigrating to.

  4. Larry Maxwell

    I have affiliated with the Green Party of Fredericksburg, but that organization has gone moribund, to say the least, so I am looking for a Green Party home. Fairfax is a bit far away, but it will have to do.

    1. Fairfax Greens

      Welcome! I have added your name to the mailing list. We are having a Zoom meeting Sunday, and you will be welcome there.

      Past and Future of the Green Party
      Featuring Ben Manski, sociologist, anthropologist, and long-time Green.

      What should we learn from three decades of Green organizing and how can the Greens make a real difference in the decisive decade of the 2020s?

      This Sunday!


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