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Candidate Recruitment & Selection Process


If you are a member in good standing of the Northern Virginia Green Party and are considering becoming a candidate for elective office, or know someone you believe would make a suitable candidate, you should familiarize yourself with the party’s nomination process below. If, after reviewing this process you are interested in exploring the idea further, please contact one of the local chairs in the locals tab above or email the state chair at


Candidate requirements overview:


Understand election calendar and petition requirements
Understand the party’s endorsement procedure
Have preliminary interview with party at a monthly meeting

  • Must be a Northern Virginia Green Party member who has attended at least 3 meetings in the year
  • Must have supporting petition signed by at least 6 Northern Virginia Green Party members
  • Discuss qualifications in relation to “Guidelines for Evaluating Prospective Candidates”

Identify campaign goals
Seek Northern Virginia Green Party member support
Evaluate non-Northern Virginia Green Party resources available
Write detailed campaign plan
Request Northern Virginia Green Party endorsement

  • Satisfy as many of the Northern Virginia Green Party candidate “Guidelines” as possible
  • Present campaign goals, campaign plan, and evidence of Northern Virginia Green Party support

Utilize national and state Green Party resources



For Evaluating Prospective Candidates
The following list identifies characteristics of the ideal candidate. The Northern Virginia Green Party Steering Committee does not expect any candidate, particularly a new candidate to be strong in all areas. However, this framework should help the Committee identify the areas in which we can be most helpful. Further, these guidelines should help candidates assess the work they need to do to be successful.

Personal Base

  • Individual networks
  • Organizational networks
  • Knows the community
  • Active in the community
  • Knows the issues

Personal Factors

  • Makes a good impression
  • Speaks well in large and small groups
  • Handles complexity & adversity well
  • Prepared (psychologically) to run as an underdog
  • Clarity and consistency on issues

Political Skills

  • Relationship with Green Party elected officials
  • Relationship with Green Party leaders
  • Membership/leadership in the Green Party
  • Campaign experience – running campaigns, working in campaigns
  • Political vision – able to plan long-term
  • Responsive to Green Party values

Campaign Strength

  • Good staff
  • Good volunteers
  • Good organization
  • Ability to raise money
  • Good match-up against likely opposition

2 thoughts on “Candidate Resources

  1. Ronda K Ramsey

    I would love to know what it takes to run for local offices of the green party, or even to help really get behind and help with those that are running for office. I would love to get the word out. I have worked in production and promotion and have several science degrees and have studies ecological and psychological studies and am currently going to The George Washington University Medical School of Health Science for Clinical Administration. I have a work history of well over 25 years and experience in So many things, from being a published author, research, sales, marketing, membership director for non-profit and membership associate for non-profit organizations. I voted Green the last elections and I just want to support as best as I can!! 🙂

    1. Joe Galdo

      Anyone who is interested in running for office in Fairfax County or the cities of Fairfax, Falls Church or Alexandria should either attend a monthly meeting of the NOVA Greens or contact one of the NOVA Greens’ officers. You can email us at

      We put out a call for candidates for 2014 and 2015 earlier in the year, but it is still not too late if you are interested in running in 2015. Nor is it too early if you are interested in an office that is up for election in 2016.

      The only candidate we have in the NOVA Greens geographic area for the 2014 November election is myself. I am the Green Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s 11th Congressional District. We always need volunteers. Anyone who is interested in volunteering or contributing to the campaign can do so on the campaign website,

      Thank you for the comment, for your enthusiasm, and for voting Green!


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