Fairfax Greens June Meeting 2017

Sunday, June 11th, 10 am to 12 pm, 2506 Logan Wood Dr., Herndon, VA 20171

Open to the public. Only members in good standing may vote. Attend two meetings in 6 months to be good standing.

Draft Agenda:
Bylaws discussion
Dues discussion
Talking about ways to help Will King in his run for District 18
Formal agenda will be handed out at this meeting.

Fairfax Greens May Meeting 2017

Sunday, May 21st, 10 am to 12 pm, 2404 Rosedown Dr., Reston, VA 20191-1620

Open to the public. Only members in good standing may vote. Attend two meetings in 6 months to be good standing.

Draft Agenda:
Talking about ways to help Will King in his run for District 18
Formal agenda will be handed out at this meeting.

Fairfax Greens January Meeting

Sunday, January 15th, 1-3pm, Reston Regional Library, Meeting Room 1

Open to the public. Only members in good standing may vote. Attend two meetings in 6 months to be good standing.

Draft agenda:
Vet two potential local candidates either in person or by conference call.
Update on 15NOW campaign.
Update on anti-Trump campaigns.
Create a targeted anti-ACPL campaign.

To add items to the agenda, please email will.lupinacci@gmail.com
We are expecting 9 or so people to attend.

NoVA (Fairfax) Greens December Meeting & Loudoun Greens November Meeting

The next NoVA (Fairfax) meeting is at the Fairfax City Regional Library
Sunday, December 11th, 1-2:30pm, Meeting Room A/B

Draft agenda includes:
-renaming local
-talking with folks interested in running house of delegates races
-discussion of anti-Trump protests, and our role in activist organizations/protests
-updating outdated bylaws

The next Loudoun Greens meeting is November, Monday the 28th
Wegmans- Village at Leesburg, 101 Cross Trail Blvd, SE at 7pm
Exact locations there: Upstairs above the bakery area

Clarity on Green Party Locals, November Fairfax Greens Meeting (this local used to be called NoVA Greens)

For clarity there are three Green Party locals in NoVA: Fairfax Greens (also called “NoVA Greens”), Loudoun Greens (in formation, their events are posted here), and Arlington Greens http://greensofarlington.org/. The Fairfax Greens will be holding a vote soon to determine whether to stop using the term “NoVA Greens” altogether as it is confusing.

The next Fairfax Greens meeting is this Saturday, November 19th, 3:30pm-5:00pm, Oakton Library, Meeting Room 2
For real-time discussion, please join www.facebook.com/groups/novagreens

Fairfax Greens Meeting Draft agenda (email jcaseywhite@gmail.com or will.lupinacci@gmail.com for additions)
Election roundup.
Identify seats for upcoming elections, as well as potential candidates.
Amend outdated bylaws by vote.
Reports on anti-fascist events in Virginia.
Explore ways to become involved in activist group, “Food not Bombs”.
Discuss news local to Fairfax County.
Update on our 15NOW NoVA campaign.

First Loudoun Greens Local Meeting!, October NoVA Greens Meeting, First Meeting of the Greens and Libertarians, Jill Stein Canvassing

Maria Bergheim from Loudoun4Bernie is starting a new Green Party local in Loudoun, please attend if you live in Loudoun.
Their first meeting is at Rust Library in Leesburg, October 3rd 7pm-8:45pm, Meeting Room B

The NoVA Greens local (Fairfax, Falls Church, Alexandria) monthly meeting is October 15th, 11:30-1pm, Meeting Room 1
We will be voting on a coalition with Socialist Alternative DMV, discussing our 15NOW campaign, and recruiting people to run for 2018. If you’d like to become more involved in a campaign to raise the minimum wage, please sign up at 15nownorthernvirginia.com

For the first time in my memory the NoVA Greens and NoVA Libertarians will be hosting an event together. We will be watching the first Trump-Clinton debate together. It’s in 2 days, September 26th, at O’Sullivans Irish Pub in Arlington starting at 9pm. 3207 Washington Blvd, Arlington

There is still a Jill Stein canvassing campaign going on. For more info visit http://www.jill2016.com/corbett9verizonnet/canvassing_for_jill_at_the_washington_metros

To get more up to date news on the party and campaigns, please join www.facebook.com/groups/novagreens

Also, the various Green Party booths this month were a success.
arlington greens

15Now Campaign, Coalition with Socialist Alternative DMV

We are involved in a newly formed 15Now campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15 in the Fairfax/Arlington area. We very much need more volunteers. To volunteer please sign up at www.15nownorthernvirginia.com You can also like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/15-Now-Northern-Virginia-683551861813907/


The NoVA Greens have formed an almost official coalition with Socialist Alternative DMV, it is through this joint effort we are launching the *non-partisan* 15now campaign. This is non-partisan because we are reaching out to other parties and other orgs for them to be involved in the leadership structure as well.

Jill Stein on the Virginia Ballot, Stein coordinators, Greens at the DC Vegfest, Loudoun Local

Big month for us.

Jill Stein made the Virginia ballot. Thanks so much to all the volunteers! Travis Holmes (holmes.travis@gmail.com) is the new state Stein campaign coordinator. Jonah Thomas (jethomas5@gmail.com) is the regional Stein coordinator. Email Jonah Thomas about all things Stein first, if he doesn’t get back to you, you can email Travis.

Folks in Loudoun are bringing a Loudoun Green local back together, more updates as that unfolds.

NoVA Green Diana Castillo is organizing a Green Party booth at the DC Vegfest (event hosted by Compassion over Killing). If you’d like to help email dianahelene@gmail.com She needs help manning the booth anytime from 11am-6pm, September 24th. Location: Outdoors at Yards Park in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood. Lot H/I, across from Nationals Park. INTERSECTION OF N ST. SE AND FIRST ST. SE, DC, DC

As always, events and rapid party discussion are at www.facebook.com/groups/novagreens . Please join that group if you haven’t already to keep up with the local Green Party.

September NoVA Greens Meeting – Local Formation – Stein Campaigning

Fairfax City Regional Library, Sunday September 4th, 3-5pm, Room A/B

Now that Jill Stein is on the ballot (thanks everyone for your help!) here in Virginia we can begin to sort through things we’ve been delaying. Including

– Filling vacated NoVA Greens local positions, including PR rep
– Facilitating the creation of a Loudon Green Party local
– Identifying a state Stein coordinator (or assigning unofficial roles)
– Announcing and coordinating party, activist, and Stein campaign events.

Please let me know anything else you would like to add to the agenda.