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Upgrade your Democracy: Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)

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So you vote, right?


Everyone talks about who to vote for: the best man, woman, for the job – the smartest or the toughest or the most peaceful or the least peaceful or the tallest or the best looking. People use many different methods to determine who they vote for.

But have you ever thought of how we vote?

For presidential campaigns, each state has a number of votes in the electoral college, so whether you vote for the Green Party candidate, the Republican candidate, or the Libertarian candidate, you’re not actually voting for the candidates, you are choosing electors.

So, whichever candidate gets the most popular votes in a given state, gets all of that states electors (with the exception of a couple of states). There is no prize for second place, and if you vote for a third party candidate, you are often mocked for “wasting” your vote.

 If voting for the candidate of your choice is such a big problem, then the Green Party of the United States presents:

Solution time!

Option 1: All independent candidates and political parties who are not the Democratic and Republican Party should be banned! Well, not constitutional, and rather mean-spirited.

Option 2: How about a parliamentary system with proportional representation? Not a bad idea, but it would take one (or more) amendments to the U.S. Constitution, plus possibly amendments to various state constitutions, and other constitutional legal headaches. President Obama taught constitutional law, we could ask him….

Option 3: Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) – now here’s an idea whose time has come! Instant Runoff Voting allows you, the voter, to rank your candidates in order of preference when there are more than two candidates running for a single office (1992 Presidential campaign: Clinton, GHW Bush, Perot – 2000 Presidential campaign: Gore, GW Bush, Nader) WITHOUT “WASTING” YOUR VOTE.

How does it work?

The short version is: You rank your candidates in order of your preference, 1. Jane 2. Bob 3. Pete
Then, the votes are counted. If a candidate receives a majority (50%+1) then they win and the election is over. However, if none of the candidates get a majority, the Instant Runoff happens. The candidate with the least amount of votes is dropped, and if you voted for that person, then YOUR vote transfers to YOUR SECOND CHOICE. So, it’s impossible to waste your vote – your vote only supports candidates you support, and never ends up accidentally helping candidates you oppose.

Looking back, my “short version” is way too long. IRV is so simple and easy to use the liberal Hollywood elite use it to decide the winner of Best Picture in the Academy Awards!

Here is an animated clip from the good folks at FairVote that breaks it all down.:

The Green Party supports your right to a better way of voting! We support Instant Runoff Voting as a way to broaden political participation, and enrich the political culture of our country.

Greens are fighting for a more vibrant democracy. You, the citizen and voter, deserve nothing less.

Like pictures? Here’s the flow chart of an election using IRV/Instant Runoff Voting. Pretty……


Daryl Northrop

Photo’s from the 50-State Rallies to Save the American Dream

Great post from the folks at – 50 great pictures from each state capital taken at the Rallies to Save the American Dream.

From across the political spectrum, Americans turned out in support of the middle class and the right of workers to collectively organize.

The Northern Virginia Green Party stands shoulder to shoulder with all Americans who dream of a better life for them and their children, fueled by jobs, healthcare, and education. Why? Because our American values allow for nothing less.




The Northern Virginia Green Party stands with union employees!

Saturday, February 26th, across the nation, citizens, workers (unionized and non-unionized) stood in solidarity with public employees and union members in Wisconsin. They are fighting to retain their rights to collectively bargain with the state for wages and benefits. In attendence was our own Paul Hughes (head of the Northern Virginia Green Party) along with his granddaughter, Sierra. It was Sierra’s first public rally, and a great way to see democracy in action.

The Green Party stands in favor of the right of workers to freely organize unions, have a safe workplace, and to be treated and compensated fairly in exchange for their expertise, time, and labor. A vibrant, just, and sustainable economic system cannot exist without workers protections.

Unions – what have they done for you? They brought you:

1. The weekend.

2. The 8 hour day.

3. The 40 hour work week.

4. Workers compensation insurance.


The Richmond Times-Dispatch covered the event. Their article can be found below, and by clicking this link.

Union advocates rally for Wisconsin workers

By Olympia Meola

Chanting “the workers united will never be defeated,” several hundred union advocates rallied at the state Capitol on Saturday to support their Wisconsin counterparts.

They railed against what they view as an attack on the middle class and workers’ rights in Wisconsin, where Gov. Scott Walker is trying to curb collective-bargaining allowances for public employees. Walker also wants workers to pay more toward pensions and health-care costs to help alleviate budget troubles.

“I say we can not, should not, and will not balance the budget on the backs of the middle class,” said Richard Hatch of the Communications Workers of America, Virginia council.

“Pensions are deferred compensation,” he said. “They are not taxpayer handouts.”

Gov. Bob McDonnell has come to Walker’s defense, saying states must make tough choices to balance their budgets. McDonnell is also seeking changes to the Virginia state employees’ retirement system, and has asked the legislature to require workers to contribute 5 percent into their plans and receive a 3 percent salary increase.

The crowd waved signs like, “In the Confederacy, stand with the unions,” and “corporations are not people,” while some signs targeted the politically active billionaire Koch brothers — “VA GOP: Addicted to Koch too!”

The afternoon Save the American Dream rally in Richmond was part of a “national day of action,” with events held across the country. Richmond’s rally was organized in part by the liberal political action committee and labor groups.

Rabbi Ben Romer of Congregation Or Ami told those gathered that “all budgets are moral documents.”

“When you steal from the poor to give to the rich, when you steal from the workers to give to the corporate greedhead, you violate … all religious values in the West,” he said.


And now, some pictures:


A diverse crowd of 350 people standing strong for workers rights.


One of the signs reads “Corporations Are Not People ” – important to remember. The Northern Virginia Green Party puts people first. We do not accept ANY donations from corporations, political action committes, or unions.