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Voter Registration Drive in Old Town Fairfax

Come out and help your fellow citizens at the next Voter Registration Drive. We’ll be in Old Town Fairfax, asking others to register for the next election. If you know other languages beside English, your help will be deeply appreciated. You can see more information at the Facebook event page:

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Let’s Move Forward on Climate Rally

At noon on Sunday, Feb. 17, thousands will head to D.C. for the #ForwardOnClimate rally. Join this historic event to make your voice heard and push the president toward strong climate action!

JOIN US – We’ll be heading to the rally together!
Meet at Vienna Metro Station Sunday, Feb. 17 at 10:30am.
We’ll gather our large group and hop on the metro at 10:45am.
The rally begins at noon on The National Mall, Washington D.C.

Why: To tell Barack Obama it’s time to lead in the fight against climate change, beginning with the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

What to bring? (Optional)
Reusable water bottle!
Thick sweater/bundle up!
Rally poster – they will also have extras there!
Pins – green climate voters, clean energy, etc.
Voice – prep for lots of chanting